Bonne Maman Apple Tatin packshot

Bonne Maman Apple Tatin lifestyle image
Pieces of caramelised apples perched on a rich buttery biscuit base makes this typically French upside down apple dessert a mouth watering marvel.

Bonne Maman Crème Brûlée

Bonne Maman Crème Brûlée image
A delectable combination of a crunchy caramelised sugar topping on a voluptuous baked cream, made with fresh cream, whole milk, real eggs and cane sugar.

Bonne Maman Tarte au Citron Maringuáe

Bonne Maman Tarte au Citron Maringuáe image
A tangy lemon cream sitting on a sweet biscuit base topped with soft meringue.

Bonne Maman Apple Tatin

Bonne Maman Apple Tatin image
Made from an authentic recipe, this light honey sponge is generously soaked in a rich rum syrup and topped with fresh vanilla cream.

Bonne Maman Célicieux au Chocolat

Bonne Maman Célicieux au Chocolat image
Squidgy, intense and truly delicious - exactly how a perfect chocolate pudding should be.

Bonne Maman Cherry Clafoutis

Bonne Maman Cherry Clafoutis image
A traditional French dessert - a deliciously rich egg and cream pudding baked with ripe red cherries that can be enjoyed warm or cold.